A World of Lost Ship Wrecks

Half a mile below the Black Sea’s ancient surface that has had many ships cross it, lie close to forty ships on which the sea had no mercy. Under the cold, icy water, the lack of oxygen and light eliminated the chance of decay amongst the ancient timbers. Archaeologists have discovered more than forty ancient ships half buried in the thick mud of the murky bottom. Successful discoveries in these parts have inspired other countries to


Map depicting the Black Sea Via http://www.pivexplatformblacksea.eu/black-sea-map/romania )

create their own archaeological expeditions hoping to be the lucky ones to discover another ground-breaking find of ancient nautical expeditions. Brendan P. Foley, an archaeologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod, Mass., says there is no way of knowing what is inside and preserved within the ancient vessels without further investigation. Having explored some of the areas himself, he states that the thick mud lacking oxygen preserved the vessels. As many scientists explore 00shipwrecks3-superjumbo

( Photograph showing the elaborate detail of a ship discovered believed to be from the Ottoman-Era. The ship still bears ropes and fine details of intricate carvings )

the wrecks, they notice the level of preservation still left on the ships. Ropes, rudders, and reliefs stand out as if the sunken ships were freshly carved. Although scientists and archaeologists are working their hardest to explore the vast, dark, and cold bottom of the Black Sea, there is undoubtedly unexplored floor-bottom as well as many treasures still waiting to be discovered.


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