Doune Castle (And where you will recognize it!)

Castle scenery has always been portrayed in movies and scenic expressions. But, do we know the history behind these massive stone pieces of history?  You may recognize Doune Castle from the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones” where Doune Castle stars as Winterfell, home of the House of the Starks. Or you might recognize it from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” Nonetheless, Doune castle should be recognized for its beauty and how it has relatively remained the same since the 14th century. Built in the thirteenth century,

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Doune castle served many families. During the fourteenth century, the castle passed to the royal family, belonging to Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, who repaired it into the form we see today. Up until the sixteenth century, the castle remained in the possession of the Royal Family before being gifted out to the Earls of Moray. During the twentieth century, the castle passed into state care under Historic Scotland. Throughout its history, the castle has seen many special guests. Margaret Tudor and her young son stayed at the castle for a retreat and the castle was then considered a royal hunting lodge. Mary, Queen of Scots also stayed at the iconic castle. From a witness at the castle, a document was found that stated that she stayed into suite above the kitchen. The room still exists today with minimal damage. Although now empty, one can only imagine what it looked like as it housed a queen.